“Half of a dance is better than no dance!”
I might have said, that first day, we spoke.
And I held her from when she began,
to the moment the close embrace broke.
I noticed her's, brown, & then mine shut, glued
her image locked within.
For a second, I peeped, her smile was all, I saw
A picture sealed in my forever file.
I was rebellious; a heart of stone,
But her voice was tickling my every bone.
I wouldn’t laugh but my heart would blush
He broke out into a warm love rush
I was fighting him to calm down.
She was calling him out with her eyes.
I was resisting with all my brawn,
But he broke out with ecstatic sighs.
Half a moment is better than no moment
Half a chance, than no chance
It left me stunned; alone on the dance floor.

Copyright © 2010 Clint Arthur Ouma