This is the latest poems from Fimbo from us.


Balancing delicately on three
two wobbly, bent and infirm
the other, straight as a wooden stick
and indeed it was a wooden cane

she waltzed in
marching up and then down
back and then forth

nearing the door, then fearing the door
in the same manner she had approached
she unappoached the nondescript portal
at the end of the narrow corridor

Each time, every time
the tempo of two clicks and a thump
the clicks, like stilettos on hardwood flooring
the thump, like a "one drop" bass drum beat

tick tick doom
tick tick doom


rose higher and higher
and then fell, lower and lower

wobbly and all
She was as excited
as I have ever seen her


“Half of a dance is better than no dance!”
I might have said, that first day, we spoke.
And I held her from when she began,
to the moment the close embrace broke.
I noticed her's, brown, & then mine shut, glued
her image locked within.
For a second, I peeped, her smile was all, I saw
A picture sealed in my forever file.
I was rebellious; a heart of stone,
But her voice was tickling my every bone.
I wouldn’t laugh but my heart would blush
He broke out into a warm love rush
I was fighting him to calm down.
She was calling him out with her eyes.
I was resisting with all my brawn,
But he broke out with ecstatic sighs.
Half a moment is better than no moment
Half a chance, than no chance
It left me stunned; alone on the dance floor.

Copyright © 2010 Clint Arthur Ouma